Y.I.C.s GIANT Book of Yorkshire Terrier Care

If you’re looking for just one book about Yorkshire Terriers that covers everything you want to know, Y.I.C.’s GIANT Book of Yorkshire Terrier Care is it. This amazingly comprehensive book will help you raise the healthiest, happiest Yorkie possible. From Day 1 of bringing your puppy home, to ensuring your dog has a smooth transition into the senior years, this 362-page in-depth book is your guide for each step and phase of your Yorkie’s life. Every topic that you care about is thoroughly explored with incredibly helpful detail: Yorkshire Terrier appearance, barking (all possible scenarios), every behavioral issue you may encounter (29 sections), body part specific care, care by season, skin & coat care, hierarchy and command training, exercise, feeding and nutrition (10 sections), female issues (including full pregnancy and whelping info), grooming (13 sections), and health issues (32 sections - including an incredibly helpful and thorough allergy guide, health conditions the Yorkshire Terrier is prone to, those that are common with toy breeds, and issues applicable to canines in general). In addition, learn about keeping your Yorkie active, leash aspects (choosing accessories, refusal to walk, training for heeling, and more), exact step-by-step housebreaking (including how to avoid every possible setback, resulting in a remarkably well-trained pup), territorial marking, separation anxiety remedies to help your dog gain self-confidence and be okay when home alone, socialization and desensitization training, a detailed chapter dedicated to keeping your Yorkie safe, and much more. Importantly, there are no topics that are skimmed over, leaving you wondering what to do next. This extensive Yorkshire Terrier book offers exact answers including reactions, resolutions, treatments, and training. Y.I.C. (YorkieInfoCenter), your #1 Yorkie informational site, has access to a substantial database. This allowed us to include helpful statistics that breaks down appearance, behavior, and health of 2,146 Yorkshire Terriers. The results are enlightening. You’ll also have 2 growth charts showing the stats of 128 Yorkies tracked through their first-year weigh-ins. Contributors include several top reputable AKC breeders and author and trainer Faye Dunningham who provides special-edition training sections. Being 8.5x11” and 362 pages, this Yorkshire Terrier book for puppies and dogs truly is GIANT; expect to have a lot to read. However, you’ll never feel overwhelmed. Great care went into formatting via distinct fonts, headers, and bullet points, for enjoyable reading. And, throughout your book, you’ll see helpful charts, graphs, sidebars, and lots of adorable photos (b&w). Whether everything is going along great and you just want to plan ahead for your dog’s next phase in life, or there’s lots of things to work on, today is the day to start fresh. Let’s begin the journey to providing optimal health, comfort, safety, and happiness to your Yorkshire Terrier.

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Book Title: Y.I.C.s GIANT Book of Yorkshire Terrier Care

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