Kabbalah: O Poder de Mudar Tudo (Portuguese Edition)

From best-selling author, speaker, and noted Kabbalah teacher Yehuda Berg comes a new kind of book, now available to a Portuguese-speaking audience. Taking into consideration the urgency of this time and the immediacy of the social networking technology, Berg has used this opportunity to engage people in the book process and to help in drafting a new reality where everyone benefits. By initiating a dialogue on issues we share as global citizens, he’s putting power back in the hands of people. This isn’t just information sharing — this is a call to action. Berg discusses how to shift the global financial crisis by understanding the spiritual energy of money, why we must reconnect with our communities in order to heal current environmental challenges, and why social responsibility for other parts of the world will benefit everyone.

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Kabbalah: O Poder de Mudar Tudo (Portuguese Edition)
Yehuda Berg